An important milestone is achieved – our website has officially gone online!

After many months of hard work we are happy to present our brand and products to you online. belfunk is a fashion label from the heart of Berlin, which aims to redefine the claim to a perfect outfit. With creativity and passion we develop fashion and lifestyle products that meet the highest quality and design standards. The innovative and protected design of our belt buckles ensures perfect wearing comfort in all everyday situations. The use of highest quality materials coupled with a straightforward design helps our products to unfold their unique and luxurious appearance.

With our belfunk Premium Edition we will soon launch our first collection of high-quality leather belts on the market. We are particularly proud of our innovative and self-developed belt buckle.

Manufactured with extreme precision and made out of high-quality 316 stainless steel, it ensures the best wearing comfort and an incomparable look. The specially designed buckle allows you to hook the button of your pants in the thorn and fix it in place. As a result the buckle remains connected to the pants and a horizontal or vertical movement of the buckle is no longer possible. The button of the pants can no longer slip below the buckle so that your outfit and look will always be perfect. The axis of the buckle is screwed which makes it possible to  combine it with any other leather strap of the right width.

Before we officially distribute our products through our website, we will launch a crowdfunding campaign on On kickstarter our belts will be offered online for the first time at special rates . The preparations are in full swing and we hope to start our campaign later this month.

For further information stay tuned to our blog  or Facebook and Twitter account.

Until then we hope you enjoy browsing through our website!

Your belfunk team